I received my necklace yesterday and can't thank you enough. It is beautiful and just what I was looking for. If I
can find a camera, I'll send you a picture. I can't wait to show it off on my cruise. Actually, I can't wait to show it
off today at work. Also, thank you for the ticket for craft show. I appreciate it and will look for you there.
Marilyn (Towson, MD)

Lin, I just received my lavender hibiscus ring today.  It is absolutely beautiful!  The color is gorgeous.  I love it!  
It was so worth the wait!  I bet they will be a big hit because flower rings are all the rage now and most of them
are too big----but this is just the right size!

Cheektowaga, NY

Just a quick note to say thank you for the beautiful large holly pin I wore on my Santa hat at the School for
Santas in Seattle this past weekend. I had a number of compliments on it and I gave away many of your cards.
My wife said it really was distinctive during the group photo at the end of the class. Again many thanks for the
wonderful design and excellent craftsmanship.

Best regards,

Santa Tom
Longview, WA

P.S. Would it be possible to get more of your cards to pass out? Both your business and the post card size
cards would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


Hi Linda....just poppin' in on this beautiful Saturday to say thank you sooo lily pin just arrived and I
am is sooo pretty and looks wonderful on my Navy jacket....I love it....I know I will be ordering more
from you soon....there are just soooo many pretty flowers and being a gardener....its just me to wear them.....
thank you for getting it here in time for Easter too....I really appreciate it....have a wonderful holiday with your
family and I will be in touch again soon....Happy Bunny Day! Carole R.
(East Aurora, NY)


Good Afternoon Linda,

I just wanted to say thank you---I did receive the butterfly bracelet I ordered.  I've already started to wear the
bracelet and have received many compliments on the beautiful work that you do.  I am letting people know how
to get in contact with you.    

Thank you again,
Christine S.  
(Atlanta, GA)


Just writing to let you know that I purchased several different necklaces for my bridesmaids and my flower girl
(six necklaces total). I loved them so much, that  I couldn't wait ‘til my wedding to show them to the girls!  They
are thrilled!!!  They stated that these were the best bridesmaid’s gifts they have ever gotten!  The one like
hers so much that she wanted to take it home with her that day, but I told her she had to wait until our wedding
in June.

Thanks so much!!!!
(Port Huron, Michigan)


Lin Marie --- I have bought several pieces of your jewelry at the Sugarloaf Craft Fairs and I LOVE them!   They
make me feel like a lady!   Missed you at the craft fair last year, but I located your info to order more from your
website.   Thank you for your beautiful art work!

(Germantown, MD)


Yes indeed I did receive it.   And I am enjoying it very much and I know this summer when I can really show it
off, it will be even better.  Matches my necklace perfectly.  Thank you for following up.  

I pray that your mother(s) are doing better.

God's Speed and Blessings, look forward to visiting your booth  at the next Gatlinburg craft fair.

Psalm 91:2


Thank you for your quick response.  Thanks! I still love it. We never told you why we were so drawn to it. My
mother in law and I bought the pink Hibiscus. My husband and I lost our daughter, Layah Faith, on June 8th
2008, after she lived only 6 days. She was born at 23 weeks and 3 days, and weighed 1 lb and 4 oz. She has
an older brother, Tobias Gabriel, who is 6 years old and was born at 26 weeks 5 days and weighed 2 lbs 3 oz.
We waited to have more children, till we could make sure his health and special needs (his hearing impaired,
but not deaf) were being mananged. Tobi has been in the NICU for 108 days before he came home from the
hospital, and statistically, white males do not survive, being born that premature, but he is truly our miracle.
They didn’t know until after Layah came so unexpectedly, despite all the precautions we were taking to avoid
another extremely premature birth, that I have an incompetent  cervix.  Obviously we were devastated to lose
her, but know she is happy , in heaven.  

The reason for the flower, is her name. We are very big on the importance of our children’s names, since we’d
named Tobi before he was born, which is a family name, but also means “God is good” in Hebrew, and we
chose Gabriel, which is the Arc angel, but also means “the messenger” and he has truly shown us God’s plan.
Layah, in Hawaiian means “heavenly flower”, “delicate” and “child of heaven”, which we didn’t expect her to
return to heaven, but it was somewhat prophetic, and her middle name, we chose Faith, because once she
came so early, we knew that no matter what, we’d have to trust our Heavenly father with her, so in August, I
got a tattoo of a pink hibiscus with a bud partially open- representing her premature birth, and then a 5-petal,
fully bloomed hibiscus-representing the 5 days she lived after birth, and that she bloomed in heaven. It was a
very therapeutic process, so when I saw the necklace you had, it just gave me such confirmation, that she was
better than good, better than healthy, and although we miss her terribly and what future she would have had
here with us, we’d never want to take her from such happiness in heaven, and we’ll share that with her
someday. So I just wanted to share with you, how you never know how something simple as a craft, can really
bless someone.  We will return to Christmas Village in Birmingham next fall, and hope you guys will too. Maybe
we will have a baby with us by then!

God Bless!
Mika S. (Birmingham, AL)

Dear Linda,
My order arrived yesterday via Priority Mail.  Thank you so very much!!  We were literally just getting ready to
head out to a friend's home and I was so excited to receive my order that I when I got the mail I immediately put
on the "natural" necklace, earrings and bracelet!!  What timing!!  I got a lot of compliments and a lot of friends
couldn't believe the jewelry was leather!!  While I didn't have one of your business cards on me, I did give
them your website address.  I know you are at Yankee Peddler this weekend and the next couple of weekends,
so you probably won't get this Thank You note until you get back home, but I wanted you to know how much I
appreciate your promptness in getting my order completed and in the mail to me in time for our  upcoming
trip.  Thanks again!

Very truly yours,
(Highland Heights, OH)

Oh, my goodness! My red trillium pin just arrived and I am so thrilled with it!  It's beautiful and I am wearing it to
work today...I work at "Wake Robin" which is another name for the red trillium, it's a swanky retirement village.  
I will be asked many times where I bought the pin,  I just know!  I will be happy to give them your website
address!  Please send me more business cards.  Thank you and I will be ordering more of your flower pins...   
I LOVE them all!   Lin, you have a fabulous gift, God is good!  Thanks so much, glad I found you on the web!

In Christ's love,
(Lakeville, CT)


My nine sunflower pins arrived this weekend and are beautiful - even more so than the pictures!  The ladies in
my group were overwhelmed when I presented them with their very own Sunflower pin as a memento of our
outing to see Calendar Girls.  Thank you for making our day and helping us hold the memory close!        
(Schaumburg, IL)


Hi Linda,  Your rose choker is absolutely beautiful.  I have seen many on the internet and in stores around
here, but none with your kind of artistic design like yours. I  JUST HAD to buy it!  It was exactly what I was
looking for---with rich color and full of details.  I can see through your leather jewelry that you love what you
do.  I will definitely be a repeat customer!   I can hardly wait to  wear mine.  I'm glad  I found your beautiful,
easy-to-use website with the Google search engine.  Thanks again!
Best regards, Rebecca,Sacramento, CA


Hi Linda – First, let me say how much I LOVE your leather jewelry!!!!!!  Just wanted to let you know I LOVE my
new daisy earrings and ankle bracelet!!!  I have the perfect sweater to wear them with plus they go with just
about anything.  I'll be ordering some more of the ankle bracelets.  I love them!!!!  Please keep me posted if I
can help you sell....I'm a walking model.  Thanks and best wishes for continued success!  Please keep in
Vicki, Waynesville, OH


Hi Linda,  Great!...Thanks for the speedy delivery!  I saw your lovely leather jewelry at Christmas in the
Country at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. I’ve been  seeing that cute little turkey in my sleep. And said to myself
several times, 'Why didn't you buy it?’   So now I am ordering it!  Can't wait to get it.  I love all your designs!  
You’re so creative!
Thanks again, Cindy, Hamburg, NY


Hi Lin!   The new website is  BEAUTIFUL!   I can tell you, however, that your Leather Jewelry is even prettier in
person!   My husband & I were at a wedding last Saturday, and at the reception I kept getting compliments
while wearing your lovely creations.  I would really like to sell your jewelry at home parties and get together
soon and talk further about this.  Everywhere I go I get compliments and people want to know where I got the
jewelry.  It makes me feel pretty no matter what I wear!  Please know that I am a BIG SUPPORTER of your
lovely handcrafts and you!
Gratefully in His Name, Diane, Northville, MI


Dear Linda,  My boyfriend purchased the Natural Rose & Edelweiss Anklets for me.  I chose the Edelweiss on
your recommendation, and I love it!  And the Natural Rose Anklet is just PERFECT!   In fact, I just placed an
order for the Apple Blossom Toe Ring, Monarch Butterfly Anklet & Coral Hibiscus Anklet.  I really can't say
enough about your jewelry.....I know I will be back for more and give you gobs of referrals when people
comment on my Leather Jewelry collection.  

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for providing excellent customer service along with your truly wonderful products.  
You  & Joe should come to the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA  next summer-----I KNOW you
would do really well!  Sincerely, Monica, "your loyal customer in Pittsburgh, PA"


Thank you both so very much for sharing your artistic talents!  You better believe that I will pass along your
website and very favorable comments as well, to those who inquire about my matching set of jewelry!  I look
forward to seeing you again at future craft shows!  I will definitely be stopping at your booth!  Thanks again,
and God bless you!  Tami
(Gaithersburg, MD)


Lin, I purchased two necklaces at The Yankee Peddler show.  I let my 16 y/o daughter  borrow one (the black
rose) & I haven't gotten it back yet-------she LOVES it!   I am providing you w/ my info so you can notify me
when you will be at a craft show in my area. I live near Cincinnati, OH, but I would GLADLY  travel to S.E.  
Indiana, Northern KY, & anywhere in Ohio.   Please keep me informed of your schedule and do more shows in
those areas mentioned, please!  Thanks.  Sue
(Cincinnati, OH)


My new Autumn pin arrived in the mail today.  I can't wait to wear it tomorrow-----it's gorgeous!  My friend loved
it so much that I gave her mine, but I was anxious to get a hold of you right away to get a replacement.  
Thanks for sending this order so fast!  I really appreciate it.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Pat
Park, IL)


Linda,  I received my order today....thank you so much....the jewelry is beautiful and even prettier than it
looked on your website!   You can count on this----I will be ordering again and again for myself and purchasing
for my friends and family too!  Sandy
(Park City, UT)


(Redding, CA)


Linda,  I told my wife, Sandy today that you were shipping the bracelet she loved so much when we saw you at
the Yankee Peddler Show in September.   She was very happy and said it's going to be the best Christmas
present I could get her!  You and Joe have a very Merry Christmas.  We are looking forward to your shows
next year---thank you.  Russ
(Litchfield, OH)


Dear Linda,  My boyfriend purchased the Natural Rose & Edelweiss Anklets for me.  I chose the Edelweiss on
your recommendation, and I love it!  And the natural rose is just PERFECT!  In fact, I just placed an order for
the Apple Blossom Toe Ring, Monarch Butterfly Anklet & Coral Hibiscus Anklet.  I really can't say enough
about your jewelry.....I know I will be back for more and give you gobs of referrals when people comment on my
Leather Jewelry collection.  

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for providing excellent customer service along with truly wonderful products.  You
should come to the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA  next summer-----I KNOW you would do really
Sincerely, Monica, "your loyal customer in Pittsburgh, PA"


That is great to hear that you can get it done!  My wedding is next Saturday so I was a little nervous!  

I saw a picture in a bridal magazine of a girl in a green dress with this beautiful white lily on her wrist, it wasn’t
real so I started thinking about where to find a fake flower for my mom as a momento/wedding corsage.  I
typed in leather jewelry and there you were. You have really nice jewelry.  It’s going to look great.  Everyone at
the wedding is going to be asking about it, so be prepared for lots of referrals!!   I’ll make sure to send back a
photo with it on her suit.  It’s going to  be great!  Thanks again!  Emily
(New Brighton, MN)

Sorry for your mother's illnesses.  Family always ALWAYS comes first.  I wish you luck with this situation and
will put you on my prayer list, if that's okay.  It's difficult when the child becomes the parent, too.

I've gotten raves over my jewelry and the fact that it's leather.  I love it and I don't throw the "l" word around

Thanks for your quick response.  I look forward to getting more of your lovely leather jewelry designs!

Dianne L.
(Florence, AL)


I just received my Day Lily Leather pin-----it is gorgeous!   I just thought I'd let you know how much I like it.   
Thank you again!  Charlene (
Chicago, IL)


Hello!   I was getting concerned because my pin and earrings did not come for several weeks after I ordered
it.  (I guess I was real excited to receive them because they're so beautiful.)   Now that my Large Peony Pin
and earrings arrived, I am thrilled with the results.   I like it so much that I want to order three more peonies  in
hot pink, lime green and black.  (Do you make lime green?)  I know that my friends will want them too!   I'm a
tried and true blue lover of your work and I can hardly wait to get more!  God bless!
(West Palm Beach, FL)


Dear Linda,

I received my two pairs of earrings yesterday, (purple rose and purple orchid). They are beautiful!!!  I can't
wait to see the white violets with the hot pink center and the blue orchid necklace and earrings.

I've worn the purple pansy necklace and earring set several times with two of my scrub tops and received
many compliments on them.  My co-workers couldn't believe that they are made out of leather!  Thanks
again!  See you at the Craftsmen's Classic show this weekend at Dulles Expo Center!  Yvonne
(Burke, VA)


Hello Linda

Thank you for following up ---  I did receive the leather jewelry and will be wearing it on my trip to Hawaii.   I
love it and  know I  will order more!    I will take your card and give out the info to as many people as I can.   I
am sure people will ask when they see me modeling your lovely leather jewelry.  Good luck----I hope you get
lots of orders!  Thanks again, Sarah
(Chicago, IL)


Just letting you know that I received my package today with my beautiful necklace.  I can’t wait to wear it!!  I’ll
keep your cards and web info for future needs.

Your work is outstanding, and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy my purchase!

Thanks again,

Linda D.
(Manassas, VA)
(Proverbs 3:5-6)


Sorry to hear you had to have surgery. We trust you are recovering well.  The wait for your artwork  was well
worth it!  My wife was very happy and impressed!
Take care, and may God bless you both!  Mark
(Charlotte, NC)    

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